Music Releases 01-19-18

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Fall Out Boy - M A N I A [LP] M A N I A [LP]

Fall Out Boy will be releasing their 7th album M A N I A from Island Records on 1/19/2018. The album features 'Champion,' 'The Last Of The Real Ones' and latest single 'HOLD ME TIGHT OR DON'T.' M A N I A is the follow-up album to the band's platinum-certified American Beauty/American Psycho, which debuted at #1 on the Billboard Top 200 upon release.

Fall Out Boy $ 19.98   $ 16.98
The Shins - The Worms Heart [LP] The Worms Heart [LP]

The Worms Heart is a complete re-work of The Shins critically acclaimed March, 2017 album 'Heartworms'. The album offers new reworked versions of the 'Heartworms' album original tracks, and the sequence is flipped as well. The album is available digitally, on CD, and VINYL LP.

When James Mercer wrote, produced, and recorded the Heartworms album, he had this desire for an alternate version, an opposite version. The album s slow songs would be flipped and re-recorded as fast songs, and vice versa. The reasoning was to showcase the versatility and strength of his songwriting, and the result is The Worm's Heart. This 'flipped' collection is produced by Yuuki Matthews, Jon Sortland, & James Mercer; and is a must for any fan of The Shins.

The Shins $ 23.98   $ 21.58

Brightons Go! Team return with new single Semicircle Song out on 1 December on long term label home Memphis Industries. Semicircle Song is taken from The Go! Teams new album SEMICIRCLE due 19 January. These are dark and difficult times. We dont need some chancer with an acoustic guitar and a series of concerned hashtags to tell us that. What we need is a band to believe in, who stand for something other than naked careerism, who give us a rock to cling to on stormy days. A band who still have faith in the power of pop music to transform the world, who dream in technicolour, who see beauty in the little things, who shun tepid perfection, who rejoice in the mistakes and the chance encounters that lead us somewhere new. Who remind us what it was like to be young and naive and idealistic and in love. Who throw everything into the pot to create music that is joyfully, effervescently alive. Now more than ever, we need The Go! Team. Its no secret that The Go! Team is the brainchild of one man, Brighton-based melody obsessive Ian Parton. But its membership has never been exclusive: at one time or another, The Go! Team has included on its squad-sheet everyone from Deerhoof to Chuck D to a legion of undiscovered Soundcloud singers. Unlike the groups previous album, 2015s The Scene Between which was essentially a solo project, following the dissolution of the previous Go! Team line-up Ian began work on their fifth album SEMICIRCLE with the vital input of current live band players Simone Odaranile (drums), , Angela Maki Won-Yin Mak (vocals and guitar) and original Team members Sam Dook (guitar) and Ninja (irrepressible rapping).

The Go! Team $ 19.98   $ 16.98
Glen Hansard - Between Two Shores [LP] Between Two Shores [LP]

Between Two Shores is the third solo release from acclaimed singer-song writer Glen Hansard.

Glen Hansard has built a career, now over 2 decades strong, on struggle. His impassioned songs mostly veer between the exhausting struggle to make it professionally and the numbing struggle to keep the affections of a romantic partner. Pick up any Frames or Swell Season record, or his first two solo releases, 2012’s Rhythm and Repose, and 2015’s Didn’t He Ramble to find him chipping away at those two pillars.

Glen Hansard $ 19.98   $ 16.98
They Might Be Giants - I Like Fun [LP] I Like Fun [LP]

They Might Be Giants is back! The Brooklyn originals can't stop and won't stop, with 2018 already destined to be one of their most magnificent and productive years to date. Thirty-five years deep into their epic career, this January will see the release of their brand-new studio album I Like Fun. The fifteen-track album was produced with and mixed by Patrick Dillett (St. Vincent, David Byrne, Mary J. Blige, The National, Donald Fagen) and recorded at Reservoir Studios (the former Skyline Studios where TMBG recorded their platinum album Flood). The lead track;I Left My Body; is a prime slice of the power They Might Be Giants commands. Hyper-melodic, fresh, and ever rocking, They Might Be Giants formidable live lineup enjoys a reputation for delivering one of the best shows around, and this album is a real showcase for that musical energy. I Like Fun jumps with surprises, vitality, and the startling, singular point of view TMBG always delivers.

Coinciding with the album's release is the first leg of the band's extensive world tour that kicks off with a fifty-city run across the US. And 2018 will also see the resurrection of TMBG's legendary Dial-A-Song service on streaming sites everywhere, featuring new music all year long!

They Might Be Giants $ 17.98   $ 14.98 Digital: $
First Aid Kit - Ruins [LP] Ruins [LP]

Ruins is the new and eagerly awaited album from Swedish sister duo First Aid Kit. This new album finds First Aid Kit as you've never heard them before: wounded and biting back hard. While Ruins follows the traditions of the classic folk rock sound that First Aid Kit revived via their breakthrough album Stay Gold (2014) and previous releases The Big Black And The Blue (2010) and The Lion's Roar (2012), the difference is that this time they've lived, and the results are intense.

Tracks such as "Rebel Heart" the album's opener documents a love doomed from the start. "It's A Shame" the lead single is a plea to live in the moment because everyone disposes of each other eventually. On "Postcard" and To Live A Life," you feel the breath-stealing weight of despair when a shattered love leaves you bereft of hope. "Fireworks" introverts the blame with self-loathing.

In many ways, First Aid Kit's largest asset is their biggest problem. Their voices are so damn pretty. The [previous] records were always so perfect," says Johanna Söderberg. On Ruins, the duo didn't want it to feel perfect. They wanted it to feel rough and wrenching. Johanna comments further, "Given the material, the lyrics had to be the focus. These sentiments didn't need to be dressed up. They needed to be naked."

Ruins was made with one target in mind: make it sound more real a result the Söderberg sisters clearly achieved.

First Aid Kit $ 22.98   $ 20.68
Charlie Puth - Voicenotes Voicenotes

Charlie Puth $ 18.98
tUnE-yArDs - I Can Feel You Creep Into My Private Life [2LP] I Can Feel You Creep Into My Private Life [2LP]

Tune-Yards’ magnum opus will arrive on January 19 in the form of new album I can feel you creep into my private life. Thematically, the 12 new songs tackle race, politics, intersectional feminism and environmental prophecies head on. But in the billows of intense subject matter, the album arrives as Tune-Yards’ most immediate and upbeat music yet- this is Tune-Yards’ music to dance to. On I can feel you creep into my private life, Tune-Yards is officially a duo. Garbus is joined by longtime collaborator Nate Brenner who produced and wrote the album together with lyrics by Garbus. Tune-Yards worked with mixer Mikaelin “Blue” BlueSpruce (Solange, Kendrick Lamar). Tune-Yards’ 2014 release Nikki Nack was one of the most well received albums of the year. New York Magazine called it “possibly the catchiest record of the year,” the New Yorker praised its “joyful energy” and “surprisingly sweet singing and catchy tunes,” and Entertainment Weekly said “life needs joyful noise like this.” Since the release of Nikki Nack, Tune-Yards has kept busy collaborating with legendary musicians David Byrne, Laurie Anderson and Yoko Ono, as well as penning the standout track, “Action,” from Mavis Staples’ 2016 album.

tUnE-yArDs $ 22.98   $ 20.68
Ron Gallo - Really Nice Guys EP Really Nice Guys EP

Really Nice Guys is a concept EP by Thyme Magazine’s “Man Of The Year,” Ron Gallo. The EP is another thought provoking and inspired installment, extending an already prolifc calendar year by Gallo which saw the release of the critically acclaimed full length album Heavy Meta as well as the 7” singles, “Temporary Slave” and “Sorry Not Everybody Is You.” Really Nice Guys finds Gallo exploring new sonic frontiers and instrumentation in the form of what might be called a conceptual art piece. Whatever you call it is wholly original and Gallo continues to melt faces and free minds.

Ron Gallo $ 8.98 Digital: $
Moon Taxi - Let The Record Play [LP] Let The Record Play [LP]

Moon Taxi $ 20.98   $ 18.88
Kimbra - Primal Heart [LP] Primal Heart [LP]

The whole world will certainly be watching Kimbra on Primal Heart. She has quietly spent the past two years assembling the 11 tracks on this body of work with hit-machine Skrillex ("Top of the World"), among other producers in Los Angeles and New Zealand. Stripping down Kimbra's music to bare emotion and heart, the album invites listeners to experience the inherent vulnerability in her voice, conveying raw feeling throughout each song.

Kimbra $ 18.98   $ 15.98
Gary Numan - Dance [Purple 2LP] Dance [Purple 2LP]

Gary Numan is a pioneer, and his influence on so many artists is unmistakable and grand. Gary’s style connects him with fans of multiple genres... electronic, industrial, indie-rock, metal, etc. He remains an innovator, and his fan base continues to grow. Dance was Gary Numan’s fifth studio album and was released in 1981. We are excited to reissue this album on double purple vinyl. For this new edition, the tracks have been mastered over three sides for improved fidelity and the fourth side contains relevant singles, B-sides and an out-take. Additionally, the previously unreleased, full length version of “Moral” has been used to close out the original album. Dance makes a notable effort by Gary Numan to step away from the synth-pop he was famous for, and experiment with something a little more jazzier, saxophones and all. Guests on the album include guitarist Rob Dean and (fretless) bassist/saxophonist Mick Karn of Japan, drummer Roger Taylor of Queen, keyboardist Roger Mason of Australian band Models, and Canadian alternative musician Nash the Slash. From Diffuser FM: The first noticeable thing about Dance, is the funk-driven bass of “Slowcar to China,” it reeks of the influence of the band Japan, who themselves had gone through a transformation from pseudo-glamsters into a refined Roxy Music-inspired band. Numan also made sure he had a new image to go with the new sounds. Gone were the futuristic inspired threads, replaced by the classic traditionalism of a smart suit and tie. “Night Talk” uses electronics but in a much more minimalist way with funk bass and rhythm box carrying most of the weight while other atmospheres and Numan’s vocals ride atop. Elements of David Bowie’s famous Berlin period are obviously part of Numan’s influence here, painting styles found on Low and Heroes into the mix. The single “She’s Got Claws” preceded the album and turned out to be another hit for Numan, hitting the U.K. Top 10 that summer. One of the album’s catchiest tracks, it bridges the sound he was leaving behind with the style he was now mining to good effect. “There are still people trying to work out what a genius Gary Numan is.” – Prince“I was always impressed by the way Gary Numan found his own voice–and it was unusual–but it was unmistakably him and boldly him. I see me doing what I learned from him.” -Trent Reznor, Nine Inch Nails“Gary Numan proves music has always been really inventive for the masses” – Lady Gaga

Gary Numan $ 27.98   $ 25.18
Mudhoney - Lie [LP] Lie [LP]

Recorded live during their 2016 European tour at shows in Germany, Croatia, Sweden, Austria, Norway, and Slovenia LiE is the first unlimited-edition, non-bootleg live Mudhoney album to date. 2018 marks Mudhoney’s 30th anniversary, and this Jan. 19 release is a fitting start to a year that will also see the release of a new Mudhoney full-length. This album’s 11 tracks span the band’s storied career, and include their live cover of Roxy Music’s “Editions of You.” Available on LP and through digital service providers (N/A on CD).

Mudhoney $ 19.98   $ 16.98
Joe Perry - Sweetzerland Manifesto (Bonus Tracks) [2LP] Sweetzerland Manifesto (Bonus Tracks) [2LP]

Double 180gm vinyl LP pressing in gatefold jacket including bonus tracks. 2018 release from the legendary Aerosmith guitarist. Sweetzerland Manifesto features 11 hard-rocking original songs from the legendary Aerosmith guitarist. Joining Perry is a Murderers Row of some of the baddest names in rock, including Robin Zander (Cheap Trick), who sings on the single "Aye, Aye, Aye", David Johansen (New York Dolls), and Terry Reid. Even world-famous actor Johnny Depp gets in on the action, playing drums on "Eve Of Destruction". Joe Perry was ranked 84th in Rolling Stone's list of The 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time. In 2001, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as part of Aerosmith, and in 2013, Perry and his songwriting partner Steven Tyler were recipients of the ASCAP Founders Award and were also inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

Joe Perry $ 24.98   $ 22.48
Belle & Sebastian - How To Solve Our Human Problems (Part 2) EP [Vinyl] How To Solve Our Human Problems (Part 2) EP [Vinyl]

A new Belle and Sebastian release is always something to cheer. So three new releases leads to the inevitable conclusion: three cheers! Here is the latest installment in a career that has always pursued a singular and delightful vision of what pop represents and what it can achieve, a career that has seen them triumph against the odds to win a Brit award, be one of the first bands to curate their own festival, and play at the official London residence of the US ambassador (the last president’s ambassador, not the current one’s). Murdoch, as ever, is not the only writer. Sarah Martin (violin/vocals) brought in the delicious ‘The Same Star’, which marries Belle and Sebastian’s melodiousness to a pounding Motown backbeat, and was produced by Leo Abrahams (Ghostpoet, Wild Beasts, Regina Spektor). “We’d met Leo in February of 2016, and I’d say that meeting and the recording of ‘I’ll Be Your Pilot’ were the first tangible steps of this EP project,” Martin says. “We didn’t have a stack of songs to play him, but we liked him and he became a part of the plan from that point - and when I’d got to a point with ‘The Same Star’ where it just needed to be recorded, I thought it could benefit from having a producer to steer things, and fortunately we had a slot in the diary marked ‘Leo’ coming up. It’s not a song we’d laboured over playing for months - it fell together quite quickly thanks in large part to Bob’s [Bobby Kildea, guitarist] enthusiasm and Stuart’s willingness to dismember an old song and repurpose the break, so that it wasn’t just the same three chords over and over and over.” There’s one big reason why 15 songs are coming out on three EPs, rather than one album. “We’d made a couple of LPs, Tigermilk and If You’re Feeling Sinister, within the space of six months,” Murdoch says, remembering the early days of the band’s career, and how that fed into their decision-making this time.

Belle & Sebastian $ 11.98   $ 10.98
De Lux - More Disco Songs About Love [LP] More Disco Songs About Love [LP]

De Lux $ 19.98   $ 16.98
Ghost - Ceremony & Devotion [LP] Ceremony & Devotion [LP]

Grammy® Award-winning band Ghost will release a live album entitled Ceremony And Devotion on CD and vinyl on January 19, 2018. The album was recorded during the band’s critically exalted Popestar tour during the summer of 2017. Ceremony and Devotion was produced and mixed by Tom Dalgety and features fan favorites spanning the band’s entire catalogue from Opus Eponymous (2010) to Infestissumam (2013) to Meliora (2015) to the Popestar EP (2016).

Ghost $ 35.98   $ 32.38
Whitesnake - The Purple Tour (Live) [2LP] The Purple Tour (Live) [2LP]

On THE PURPLE TOUR (LIVE), Whitesnake puts their distinctive spin on several songs from Coverdale’s studio albums with Deep Purple. Highlights include: “You Fool No One,” “The Gypsy” and “Soldier Of Fortune.” 

The Whitesnake line-up that appears on THE PURPLE TOUR (LIVE) includes: singer David Coverdale, guitarists Reb Beach and Joel Hoekstra, bassist Michael Devin, drummer Tommy Aldridge and keyboardist Michele Luppi.  
Coverdale says there was never any intention to compete against the original recordings. “We just wanted to play the damn songs…Each member of the band…brought their incredible individual talents and a real band identity to this music. We’ve all done the best we can with this project with respect to the music, and the legacy of Deep Purple Mk3 and Mk4.”

Whitesnake $ 29.98   $ 26.98
Black Label Society - Grimmest Hits [LP] Grimmest Hits [LP]

Black Label Society bandleader Zakk Wylde wields his guitar like a Viking weapon, bashing out thick riffage and squeezing out expressive squeals as if the glory of his Berserker brotherhood depends upon every single note, which of course, it does. Charismatic beast and consummate showman, Wylde puts his massive heart and earnest soul on display with unbridled, unchained, animalistic passion in Black Label Society, whether it’s a crushingly heavy blues-rock barnstormer or a piano-driven ode to a fallen brother. Each Black Label Society album is another opportunity to top the one before it, but like AC/DC or The Rolling Stones, BLS isn’t here to reinvent the wheel. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. It’s a brand we can trust. Grimmest Hits, the band’s tenth full-length studio album and follow-up to Billboard Top 5 entries Catacombs of the Black Vatican (2014) and Order of the Black (2010), Black Label Society submit new anthems like radio single “Room of Nightmares,” the bluesy “Seasons of Falter,” and Southern-fried “The Day That Heaven Had Gone Away” to the BLS faithful; 12 unstoppable tracks to add to that lifestyle soundtrack.

Black Label Society $ 29.98   $ 26.98 Digital: $
Belle Adair - Tuscumbia [LP] Tuscumbia [LP]

Belle Adair $ 15.98   $ 13.98 Digital: $9.99
Devin Dawson - Dark Horse [LP] Dark Horse [LP]

Devin Dawson $ 19.98   $ 16.98
Tommy Emmanuel - Accomplice One [LP] Accomplice One [LP]

Accomplice One is a testament to Tommy Emmanuel's musical diversity, the range of expression that stretches from authentic country-blues to face-melting rock shredding, by way of tender and devastating pure song playing. The songs are a mix of new takes on indelible classics and brand new originals from Tommy and his collaborators. The artists who stepped forward to join Tommy in the studio are an impressive list of some of today's most respected performers, from across the musical spectrum - a lineup including Jason Isbell, Mark Knopfler, Rodney Crowell, Jerry Douglas, Amanda Shires, Ricky Skaggs, J.D. Simo, David Grisman, Bryan Sutton, Suzy Bogguss and many more.

Tommy Emmanuel $ 25.98   $ 23.38 Digital: $
Duke Ellington - Giants Of The Big Band Era: Duke Ellington Giants Of The Big Band Era: Duke Ellington

Hear some of the greatest jazz songs ever by the great band leader, Duke Ellington. An icon of the jazz and big band era, this cd features some of the Duke's greatest songs like Pretty Woman and Take the 'A' Train. This is a can't miss for your jazz and big band collections.

Duke Ellington $ 9.99
Starcrawler - Starcrawler [LP] Starcrawler [LP]

Starcrawler $ 22.98   $ 20.68
Badfinger - Wish You Were Here [SYEOR 2018 Exclusive Translucent Green LP] Wish You Were Here [SYEOR 2018 Exclusive Translucent Green LP]

Released at the tail end of 1974, Wish You Were Here remains the finest album in their catalog (and that means it's better than anything on the Apple label, although those are pretty amazing releases). Working with producer Chris Thomas, this album is as timeless as albums get, sounding as fresh as it did when released over 30 years ago.. This is the last album recorded by the original quartet of Pete Ham, Tom Evans, Joey Molland and Tom Evans. Molland left the band shortly after it's release and Pete Ham committed suicide in early 1975. Features nine tracks, including 'Got To Get Out Of Here',' Know One Knows' and 'In The Meantime Some Other Time'. Warner.

Badfinger $ 21.98   $ 19.78 Digital: $6.99
Alice Cooper - Easy Action [SYEOR 2018 Exclusive Gold LP] Easy Action [SYEOR 2018 Exclusive Gold LP]

Alice Cooper $ 19.98   $ 16.98 Digital: $8.99
Alice Cooper - Welcome To My Nightmare [SYEOR 2018 Exclusive Purple LP] Welcome To My Nightmare [SYEOR 2018 Exclusive Purple LP]

Alice Cooper $ 19.98   $ 16.98
Alice Cooper - Killer [SYEOR 2018 Exclusive Red/Black LP] Killer [SYEOR 2018 Exclusive Red/Black LP]

Alice Cooper $ 22.98   $ 20.68
The New York Rock and Soul Revue - Live At The Beacon [SYEOR 2018 Exclusive 2LP] Live At The Beacon [SYEOR 2018 Exclusive 2LP]

The New York Rock and Soul Revue $ 29.98   $ 26.98
Fleetwood Mac - Fleetwood Mac: Remastered [Expanded Edition 2CD] Fleetwood Mac: Remastered [Expanded Edition 2CD]

FLEETWOOD MAC : EXPANDED EDITION features a newly remastered version of the original album along with single mixes for “Over My Head,” “Rhiannon,” “Say You Love Me.” Also included is a second disc with an alternate version of the complete album comprised of unreleased outtakes for each album track, plus several unreleased live performances from 1976.

Fleetwood Mac $ 24.98   $ 22.48
Of Mice & Men - Defy [Colored LP] Defy [Colored LP]

Selling over 825,000 records in the US alone, Of Mice & Men have become a household name in the rock and metal communities. They’ve shared the stage with the likes of Slipknot, Marilyn Manson, Linkin Park, In This Moment and more, and have played sold out tours and festivals around the globe. They have graced the covers of several magazines, including Revolver, Alternative Press, Rock Sound and Kerrang!, and have reached top 5 in the Billboard Top 200 charts. With four full-length albums under their belts, Of Mice & Men are ready to present “Defy." Returning to legendary producer, Howard Benson (My Chemical Romance, Papa Roach, P.O.D.), “Defy” delivers a new era of Of Mice & Men. These songs are fast, heavy and undoubtedly the band’s strongest work to date. This album is sure to exceed the expectations of existing fans, while also drawing in excited new listeners. The band will be supporting this release with a US headlining tour in February and March. If you thought you knew Of Mice & Men before, think again. They’re back full throttle and there is no stopping them. Get ready for “Defy.”

Of Mice & Men $ 19.98   $ 16.98
Caspar Babypants - Sleep Tight! Sleep Tight!

Simple, relaxing, chill out grooves for kids ages 0-6 and their parents is what the 14th album from Caspar Babypants is all about. SLEEP TIGHT! is a warm soothing bedtime soundtrack for the whole family! Caspar Babypants, the alter-ego of Chris Ballew, the twice Grammy nominated songwriter and lead singer for the Seattle rock and roll band The Presidents of the United States of America. This is the second volume of lullabies from Caspar the first one being 2015's NIGHT NIGHT! Some of the themes on this new album include the planets and the seasons, animals snuggling down for bedtime, the vast unconditional love of a parent and distant storms far away while kids are cozy and safe in their warm homes.

Caspar Babypants $ 13.99   $ 11.99 Digital: $
Caspar Babypants - Fun Favorites! [LP] Fun Favorites! [LP]

Chris Ballew says: "After making SO many albums I have found people can be overwhelmed with the burden of too many amazing choices. Every album has a handful of songs that resonate with a lot of people so I figured it was time to make a collection of favorite songs. I chose a couple of songs off of each album and sprinkled them all over this little collection. Some of these are the public's favorite and some are my personal favorites. I am releasing it on vinyl only as a way to make it a bit of a collectable item and to satisfy those parents that keep asking me for music on vinyl! There will hopefully be a series of these collections coming out over the next few years so get ready to collect them all and show your kids what playing a record is all about! Enjoy these FUN FAVORITES!"

Caspar Babypants $ 20.99   $ 18.89
Colter Wall - Imaginary Appalachia [LP] Imaginary Appalachia [LP]

Colter Wall $ 16.98   $ 13.98
Caitlyn Smith - Starfire Starfire

Caitlyn Smith $ 9.96 Digital: $
Magnum - Lost On The Road To Eternity [2LP] Lost On The Road To Eternity [2LP]

The release of their latest album, Lost On The Road To Eternity sees British hard rock band Magnum celebrate a very special anniversary on January 19th 2018. It will be the 20th studio recording by the group surrounding founding members Bob Catley (vocals) and Tony Clarkin (guitar) since their 1978 album Kingdom Of Madness. At the same time, Clarkin, Catley and bassist Al Barrow are set to introduce their current line-up featuring new additions Rick Benton (keyboards) and Lee Morris (drums). Cover art by Rodney Matthews, Contains bonus CD of four tracks recorded live in Spain in 2017.

Magnum $ 19.98   $ 16.98 Digital: $
Shopping - The Official Body [LP] The Official Body [LP]

Following on the success of their two previous albums for FatCat, which were praised on both sides of the pond as "breakneck, open-eared, positivist post-punk canter" (NME) and "direct, smart, catchy, and extremely punk" (Pitchfork) - the band returns to shake some asses with an agenda yet again. The album was produced by Edwyn Collins (Orange Juice) at his studio in Helmsdale, Scotland, who brought his taut post-punk ear to the Shopping’s acclaimed evolution of brittle '70s polti-punk. If the band's approach was prescient in the past, our current political landscape renders them ever more indicative of the restlessness of youth's current dilemma. The band manages to walk the razor thin line between inspiring euphoric dance and shouldering societal anxiety. They face down gender politics and environmental peril ("Suddenly Gone"), breakdown social media as both a vital emotional mask and conduit of spirit ("Wild Child"). The Official Body stays true to the minimal dance-punk ethos of Shopping’s previous releases, fans of which will undoubtedly find this logical unfolding of their musical approach thoroughly satisfying.

Shopping $ 22.98   $ 20.68
Super Whatevr - Never Nothing [LP] Never Nothing [LP]

Vinyl LP pressing including digital download. 2018 release. Despite what the name implies, Super Whatevr is much more than just another whatever band. Led by vocalist/guitarist Skyler McKee, the SoCal four-piece are poised to break into the alt-indie scene in a big way with their debut album Never Nothing. Combining elements of garage, alternative and emo rock, Super Whatevr have crafted a sound that draws inspiration from bands like Joyce Manor, Japandroids and Alt-J, while remaining distinctly Super Whatevr.

Super Whatevr $ 18.98   $ 15.98
Arkona - Khram Khram

Arkona $ 13.98   $ 11.98 Digital: $
Cane Hill - Too Far Gone [LP] Too Far Gone [LP]

Cane Hill $ 20.98   $ 18.88
Walking Papers - Wp2 Wp2

Walking Papers $ 16.99   $ 13.99
Cult Of Luna - The Beyond [LP] The Beyond [LP]

Cult Of Luna $ 25.98   $ 23.38
Anvil - Pounding The Pavement [2LP] Pounding The Pavement [2LP]

Legendary Canadian Metal Trio Anvil celebrate their 40th anniversary with the release of their 17th studio album, Pounding The Pavement. Subject of an acclaimed documentary film, This Is Anvil (2008) and book of the same title (2009) the band is the epitome of passionate heavy metal. Recorded by Jorg Uken at his Soundlodge Studios in Germany, Pounding The PAvement features soon to be fan favorites "Smash Your Face", "Rock That Sh*t" and "Ego" Over the decades singer/guitarist Steve "Lips" Kudlow, drummer Robb Reiner and bassist Chris Robertson have gained admirers within the Metal community including Metallica and the late Lemmy of Motorhead.

Anvil $ 24.98   $ 22.48
Various Artists - Classic Delta and Deep South Blues from Smithsonian Folkways Classic Delta and Deep South Blues from Smithsonian Folkways

Various Artists $ 11.98   $ 10.98
Hot Snakes - Automatic Midnight [LP] Automatic Midnight [LP]

Hot Snakes $ 20.98   $ 18.88
Hot Snakes - Suicide Invoice [LP] Suicide Invoice [LP]

Hot Snakes $ 20.98   $ 18.88
Hot Snakes - Audit In Progress [LP] Audit In Progress [LP]

Hot Snakes $ 20.98   $ 18.88
Moon Duo - Jukebox Babe / No Fun [Vinyl Single] Jukebox Babe / No Fun [Vinyl Single]

Moon Duo $ 14.98   $ 12.98
Porches - The House [LP] The House [LP]

Porches’ third record The House is a conscious effort in minimalism and honesty. “Making Pool”—the band’s 2016 breakthrough record, and Domino debut—“I learned how valuable the spirit of the demos are,” says singer Aaron Maine, “so this time I made a point of capturing a song the day it was conceived.” Because of this desire to document immediate sensations, the record’s fourteen tracks offer a series of diaristic vignettes. There are moments of emerging from fear of ego death (“Leave the House,” “By My Side,” “Now The Water”), escaping the corporeal (“Now The Water,” “Swimmer”), the terrifying thrill of young love (“Country,” “W Longing”), and parting with the past (“Wobble,” “Goodbye”). While these themes possibly paint The House in a dark light, the record is marked by an excitement at the prospect of self-discovery, and commitment to the process of getting there. Though Aaron largely composes on his own, The House features contributions by Alexander Giannascoli ((Sandy) Alex G), Dev Hynes (Blood Orange), Maya Laner (True Blue, Porches), Kaya Wilkins (Okay Kaya), Bryndon Cook (Starchild & the New Romantic), Cameron Wisch (Cende, Porches), Jason Arce, Bea1991, and his own father, Peter Maine. As with Pool, Aaron brought his recorded work to Chris Coady (Beach House, Slowdive, TV on the Radio), who then mixed The House at his Sunset Sound studio.

Porches $ 21.98   $ 19.78
The Waterboys - Fisherman's Box Fisherman's Box

The Waterboys are a Scottish folk rock band formed in Edinburgh in 1983 by the Scottish musician Mike Scott. The band's membership, past and present, has been composed mainly of musicians from Scotland, with Edinburgh, London, Dublin, Spiddal, New York City and Findhorn serving as homes for the group. Mike Scott is the only constant band member. They have explored a number of different styles, but their music is mainly a mix of Celtic folk music with rock and roll. They dissolved in 1993 when Scott departed to pursue a solo career.

The Waterboys $ 28.98   $ 26.08
Daniel Avery - Slow Fade EP [Vinyl] Slow Fade EP [Vinyl]

Daniel Avery $ 14.98   $ 12.98
Screeching Weasel - Wiggle [LP] Wiggle [LP]

Screeching Weasel $ 21.98   $ 19.78
Phillip Phillips - Collateral Collateral

Phillip Phillips $ 10.99   $ 9.99
Arcade Fire - Creature Comfort [White Vinyl Single] Creature Comfort [White Vinyl Single]

12” Die cut outer bag and die cut inner bag. Heavyweight White Vinyl plus ‘Creature Buck’ insert.

Arcade Fire $ 17.98   $ 14.98
Arcade Fire - Put Your Money On Me [Red Vinyl Single] Put Your Money On Me [Red Vinyl Single]

Arcade Fire $ 17.98   $ 14.98
Eden - Vertigo [Clear 2LP] Vertigo [Clear 2LP]

Eden $ 29.98   $ 26.98
Chick Corea - Chinese Butterfly [3LP] Chinese Butterfly [3LP]

Chinese Butterfly is a reunion of two musical titans, a creative partnership that dates back to the early days of Return To Forever with Chick Corea when Steve Gadd was one of the first drummers.

180g with download card.

Chick Corea $ 39.98   $ 35.98
Awolnation - Handyman - Single Handyman - Single

Awolnation   Digital: $
Rock - Rockness A.P.: After Price [LP] Rockness A.P.: After Price [LP]

Rock $ 22.98   $ 20.68 Digital: $10.99
Van William - Countries [LP] Countries [LP]

An enthralling solo debut, Van William’s COUNTRIES signals the arrival of a gifted young artist on the rise. Known for the meticulous song craft of his former acclaimed indie outfits, Port O’Brien and WATERS, on COUNTRIES, Van William offers an auspicious glimpse into a new and promising future. Includes the single “Revolution” featuring acclaimed Swedish folk duo First Aid Kit.

Vinyl includes download card.

Van William $ 24.98   $ 22.48
Kidz Bop - Kidz Bop 37 Kidz Bop 37

KIDZ BOP’s new album, KIDZ BOP 37, compiles today’s biggest pop hits. The album is supported by special events, contests, brand partnerships, online initiatives, a national digital advertising campaign and the KIDZ BOP Kids 2018 Tour (details TBA). KIDZ BOP 37 is sure to be an instant favorite among families everywhere.

Kidz Bop $ 13.49   $ 11.49
Ten Years After - 1967-1974 1967-1974

Ten Years After are an English blues rock band, most popular in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Ten Years After have had twelve albums enter the US Billboard 200, and between 1968 and 1973, they scored eight Top 40 albums on the UK Albums Chart.

Ten Years After $ 99.98   $ 89.98
Rapsody - Laila's Wisdom [LP] Laila's Wisdom [LP]

Rapsody $ 29.98   $ 26.98 Digital: $9.99
The Ru-Jac Records Story - Something Got A Hold On Me: The Ru-Jac Records Story, Volume One: 1963-1964 Something Got A Hold On Me: The Ru-Jac Records Story, Volume One: 1963-1964

THE BALTIMORE SOUL/R&B LABEL RU-JAC RECORDS WAS FOUNDED IN 1963 by local promoter Rufus Mitchell and investor partner Jack Bennett (their names forming the Ru-Jac name). The label primarily released regional soul/R&B singles from 1963 until the mid 1970s, when Mitchell stepped away to focus on another business venture. Omnivore has already released single-artist packages by some of the label’s biggest names, including Winfi eld Parker – Mr. Clean: Winfield Parker At Ru-Jac (Parker also serves as the consulting producer for all of Omnivore’s Ru-Jac releases) and Gene & Eddie – True Enough: Gene & Eddie With Sir Joe At Ru-Jac. In January, Omnivore will roll out two various artists volumes followed by two more in February, collecting for the very fi rst time anywhere the audio history of Ru-Jac Records. Each volume is produced by the Grammy® Award-winning producer Cheryl Pawelski and Kevin Coombe, East Coast soul historian. Coombe provides liner notes detailing the rise and eventual closure of the label, and its close ties to the segregated beaches and performance spaces of the region. Rare photos and ephemera will be included in each volume to help illustrate and trace the history of the label. Utilizing original tapes, extremely collectible 45s, and acetates, all four volumes underwent extensive restoration and mastering by Grammy® Award winning engineer, Michael Graves. Volume One, Something Got a Hold on Me: The Ru-Jac Records Story Volume One, 1963–1964 contains 28 tracks, 10 of them previously unissued. The other 18 tracks chart the history of the first 45s issued by the label and includes songs by Winfield Parker, Flattop Bobby & The Soul Twisters, and Brenda Jones among others.

The Ru-Jac Records Story $ 16.98   $ 13.98
The Ru-Jac Records Story - Get Right: The Ru-Jac Records Story, Volume Two: 1964-1966 Get Right: The Ru-Jac Records Story, Volume Two: 1964-1966

THE BALTIMORE SOUL/R&B LABEL RU-JAC RECORDS WAS FOUNDED IN 1963 by local promoter Rufus Mitchell and investor partner Jack Bennett (their names forming the Ru-Jac name). The label primarily released regional soul/R&B singles from 1963 until the mid 1970s, when Mitchell stepped away to focus on another business venture. Omnivore has already released single-artist packages by some of the label’s biggest names, including Winfield Parker – Mr. Clean: Winfield Parker At Ru-Jac (Parker also serves as the consulting producer for all of Omnivore’s Ru-Jac releases) and Gene & Eddie – True Enough: Gene & Eddie With Sir Joe At Ru-Jac. In January, Omnivore will roll out two various artists volumes followed by two more in February, collecting for the very fi rst time anywhere the audio history of Ru-Jac Records. Each volume is produced by the Grammy® Award-winning producer Cheryl Pawelski and Kevin Coombe, East Coast soul historian. Coombe provides liner notes detailing the rise and eventual closure of the label, and its close ties to the segregated beaches and performance spaces of the region. Rare photos and ephemera will be included in each volume to help illustrate and trace the history of the label. Utilizing original tapes, extremely collectible 45s, and acetates, all four volumes underwent extensive restoration and mastering by Grammy® Award winning engineer, Michael Graves. Volume Two, Get Right: The Ru-Jac Records Story Volume Two, 1964–1966 contains 22 tracks, 8 of them previously unissued, including newly discovered demos by Arthur Conley. The other 14 tracks are derived from 45s issued by the label as Ru-Jac started to gain momentum in the region, and includes songs by Shirley Of The Soul Sisters & Brother, The Mask Man & The Cap-Tans, and Bobby Sax & His House Keepers among others.

The Ru-Jac Records Story $ 16.98   $ 13.98
Bahamas - Earthtones [LP] Earthtones [LP]

Bahamas is the solo project of singer-songwriter Afie Jurvanen. He recently toured in the USA opening for Jack Johnson on his sold-out tour where he tested out tracks from his 4th studio album Earthtones, out 1/19/18. The album is a quirky yet haunting collection of songs that touch on success, parenting, facing depression, and everything else in his life. Most of all, it's an album about friendship, & how great it is to have someone in your life that can lift you up when you're feeling down.

Bahamas $ 24.98   $ 22.48
Ben Frost - Music From Fortitude [Soundtrack] Music From Fortitude [Soundtrack]

Ben Frost's score from the acclaimed Sky TV show "Fortitude". With Season 2 underway, Frost's score is available digitally for the first time.

Ben Frost $ 14.98   $ 12.98 Digital: $11.99
Dinah Washington - The Divine Miss Dinah Washington [5CD Box Set] The Divine Miss Dinah Washington [5CD Box Set]

Dinah Washington $ 49.99   $ 44.99
Arcade Fire - Put Your Money On Me (Single Version) - Single Put Your Money On Me (Single Version) - Single

Arcade Fire   Digital: $
Teenage Wrist - Dweeb - Single Dweeb - Single

Teenage Wrist $ 1.29 Digital: $1.29
Caroline Rose - Soul No. 5 - Single Soul No. 5 - Single

Caroline Rose $ 1.29 Digital: $1.29
Tony Banks - Prelude To A Million Years - Single Prelude To A Million Years - Single

Tony Banks $ 1.29 Digital: $1.29
The Shins - Heartworms (Flipped) - Single Heartworms (Flipped) - Single

The Shins $ 1.29 Digital: $1.29

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