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    Saving Tunes
    A new generation keeps the records spinning
    ByKate Morgan

    "...'This was a pipe dream of mine Id had as a kid,' says Lynch. 'I always wanted to have a record store, but I thought Id be like, in my 40s. Instead, I was 22.'

    The store, Tunes, has been a Voorhees mainstay for nearly three and a half decades. As larger chain record stores closed in the wake of streaming and digital music services, the shop in the Ritz Center remained a thriving gathering place for music lovers of all ages. 'It was the first place I ever bought an album,' says Lynch, who grew up in South Jersey."

    "...In the last 3 years, vinyl sales have exploded. Its now the top-selling physical music format by a long shot according to the Recording Industry Association of America. Popular artists are fueling the trend, with pop singers, hip hop acts, and rockers alike issuing their music on LP. Thats restored record store demand in a way that hasnt happened for decades. Lynch says hes stocking as much as he can on vinyl: new releases alongside classics." Full article

    Evan Lynch, Photography by David Michael Howarth

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