Music Releases 09-25-20

Title Artist Price
Prince - Sign O’ The Times: Remastered [Deluxe Edition 4LP] Sign O’ The Times: Remastered [Deluxe Edition 4LP]

Prince $79.98
Bob Mould - Blue Hearts [LP] Blue Hearts [LP]

Single LP on black vinyl in single jacket w/ euro sleeve & matte coating. Includes coupon for full download

An explosive album of pain, rage and fear with some of the most direct and confrontational lyrics of his four-decade career. According to Bob, “This is the catchiest batch of protest songs I’ve ever written in one sitting.”

Bob Mould $19.98
The Buckleys - Daydream [LP] Daydream [LP]

The Buckleys, a three-piece band featuring siblings Sarah, Lachlan, and Molly, embody a brand of “hippie country” representing the infectious personality and spirited conscience that the band maintains. The debut album features the singles “Money,” “Leave Me Hanging On,” and the title track “Daydream” which scored a #1 single at Australian country radio, followed by “I’m Comin’ For Ya (Love),” which hit #3. Nominated for New Talent Of The Year Award at the 2020 Country Music Awards Australian.

The Buckleys $21.98
Idles - Ultra Mono [LP] Ultra Mono [LP]
If 'Joy As An Act of Resistance.' was meant to detail the band's manifesto, then their highly anticipated third album ' 'Ultra Mono' - is the sound of IDLES heading into battle, battering ram in hand, for those tenets. Sonically constructed to capture the feeling of a hip-hop record (Kenny Beats even helped with programming on several tracks), the songs double down on the vitriolic sneer and blunt social commentary of their past work. Not far beneath the surface of their self-admitted sloganeering lies a deeply complex and brutally relevant album that chews up clichés and spits them out as high art for the masses. Active presence and self-acceptance also stand at the core of 'Ultra Mono,' with much of the songwriting done on-the-spot in the recording booth, and the phrase 'I am I' serving as a lyrical and spiritual mantra throughout. Ultimately 'Ultra Mono' is a celebration of community.
Idles $25.98
The Rolling Stones - Steel Wheels Live: Live From Atlantic City, NJ, 1989 [Tangerine/Sky Blue 4LP] Steel Wheels Live: Live From Atlantic City, NJ, 1989 [Tangerine/Sky Blue 4LP]

Having not hit the road for most of the 80s, The Steel Wheels Tour was an astounding return for the Rolling Stones, not least as it was the longest they had by that point undertaken. It was also to be their last with Bill Wyman. Steel Wheels Live was recorded towards the end of the band's 60-date run through the stadiums of North America, in the second half of 1989. Special guest appearances from Axl Rose, Izzy Stradlin, Eric Clapton and John Lee Hooker. Limited Edition Color Pressing.

The Rolling Stones $89.98
Omar Rodriguez-Lopez - The Clouds Hill Tapes Pt I, II & III [LP] The Clouds Hill Tapes Pt I, II & III [LP]

Omar Rodríguez-López THE CLOUDS HILL TAPES Part I, II & III These recordings of three sessions dating from the years 2018/ 2019 and taken at the Clouds Hill Studio are now being published digitally and as a 3-LP vinyl box set. Part I features eight pieces, and Parts II and III six pieces each, which have been entirely newly arranged, produced by Johann Scheerer, and performed by Omar Rodríguez-López and a range of guest musicians. Only very few songwriters and arrangers have succeeded in leaving their mark on several generations with their compositions and their performances. Omar Rodríguez-López is one of these exceptional artists. Just hearing his name brings a shine to the eyes of aficionados of hard or virtuoso or cosmic music. Listening to his music you can feel it: This is someone who completely abandons himself to his art - and someone with an incredible amount of knowledge about the depth of possibility guitar music can explore. During the 2000s Omar Rodríguez-López released an astonishing variety of solo works. On these recordings the artist used pieces that had accumulated over the years. However, what has so far been missing is a release that brings together the pieces from that era. This wait now has come to an end for here are THE CLOUDS HILL TAPES, Part I - III featuring 20 tracks that present his music in a new light. Omar Rodríguez-López has long considered the Hamburg Clouds Hill studio his creative second home. He has known the producer Johann Scheerer for 15 years and they are close friends as well as creative partners. "Johann is great at what he does. What makes him truly special is his instinct. This helps him find most interesting sounds, make the right decision", is how Omar Rodríguez-López describes it. Whenever the two meet, a shared creative process ensues immediately. This is just what happened at the end of 2018: Really, Omar Rodríguez-López had come to Hamburg as a visitor at the Clouds Hill Festival, but Johann Scheerer invited him to use free studio capacity for a session in which to re-record outstanding pieces from the previous solo albums. "We got the band together, rehearsed for two days - and then we ran the tapes", Omar Rodríguez -López recalls. These original tapes can incidentally be seen on the covers of the three albums resulting from the sessions. THE CLOUDS HILL TAPES will be one of the reference works in the musical cosmos of this unique artist. The Clouds Hill Tapes Pts. I, II & III

Omar Rodriguez-Lopez $54.98
Sylvan Esso - Free Love [LP] Free Love [LP]

Free Love thrives on collaborative frisson—two people pushing one another into new territories with the shared assurance of knowing they’re in good company, a sort of trust fall in reverse. Yes, these 10 songs are some of Sylvan Esso’s most direct. And most delicate. And most intricate. And most urgent. Free Love carries the confidence of two people delighted to be all those things, together, at once.

Sylvan Esso $24.98
Surfer Blood - Carefree Theatre [Blue LP] Carefree Theatre [Blue LP]

Surfer Blood's Carefree Theatre, out May 1, 2020 on Kanine Records, is their fifth studio album. The Carefree Theater in West Palm Beach, FL was the only real venue in town for most of John Paul Pitts childhood. It was where he would go for anything from shows to theatrical productions. It was just the kind of exposure that showed him there was a whole world outside of Florida, the kind of experience that would inform a twenty-one year old student to drop out of school and start a band. He did just that. Surfer Blood's rise was remarkable - and just recently recounted in detail with the 10 year anniversary of their debut and breakout album Astro Coast. A decade ago. That's a long time. Where a lot can happen. On May 1, 2020, Surfer Blood will release Carefree Theatre an album that bring them full circle. Pitts returned to Florida, returned to Kanine and created an album worth of short pop songs.

Surfer Blood $24.98
Sufjan Stevens - The Ascension [2LP] The Ascension [2LP]

The Ascension is the eighth studio album from singer, songwriter and composer Sufjan Stevens and is the long awaited follow-up to Stevens’ Carrie & Lowell. One of the most acclaimed albums of 2015, The New York Times praised Carrie & Lowell as “restrained and meticulous” while Pitchfork declared it “a masterpiece.”

In the time between Carrie & Lowell and the forthcoming The Ascension, Stevens also released Oscar-nominated music for the Luca Guadagnino film Call Me By Your Name; a collaborative album entitled Planetarium with Nico Muhly, Bryce Dessner (The National) and James Mcalister; The Decalogue, a solo piano work performed by Timo Andres; and scored several works for ballet: Reflections (Houston Ballet) and Principia (NYCB).

The Ascension is musically expansive and sweeping in thematic scope.

Sufjan Stevens $31.98
Roger Eno and Brian Eno - Luminous [LP] Luminous [LP]

The "Mixing Colours" story continues with "Luminous", adding to Roger Eno & Brian Eno's first duo album on Deutsche Grammophon. Includes "Pewter", formerly a Japan-only bonus track, as well as six brand new tracks. Available on vinyl September 25th.

Roger Eno and Brian Eno $24.98
Various Artists - Hackers (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [2 CD] Hackers (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [2 CD]

The definitive soundtrack featuring tracks from the film that were not included on the original 1995 release, including “Protection” by Massive Attack and "Open Up" by Leftfield. The 2CD set also includes 9 unreleased score tracks highlighted by, “Grand Central Station” featuring David Gilmore. The release celebrates the 25th anniversary of the film and includes new notes from Director/Producer, Iain Softley and unreleased photos of the cast (Angelina Jolie, Jonny Lee Miller etc).

Various Artists $24.98
Jess Gillam - TIME TIME
Following her debut album RISE, which reached No.1 in the Classical charts, Classic BRIT Award-winning saxophonist Jess Gillam’s second album TIME is being released on Friday 25 September on Decca Classics. With a range of styles, moods and influences, the album is designed to reflect the arc of energy within the passing of a day, giving the listener a moment to immerse themselves in an oasis of sound and reflection. Curated by Jess herself, the album’s music is inspired by minimalism, and at the heart is Michael Nyman’s virtuosic ‘Where the Bee Dances’ concerto (recorded at Abbey Road with the Aurora Orchestra and Nicolas Collon), which Jess performed in her BBC Young Musician 2016 final. Framed around this are shorter tracks from pioneering and genre-breaking artists, including two brand new commissions from pianist and composer Luke Howard, and Goldfrapp’s Will Gregory. Collaboration is a key component of the album; many of the tracks were refined in the studio with the Jess Gillam Ensemble, made up of Jess’ musician friends, and with the composers and arrangers themselves. Jess is forging a new path in classical music, and this album features experimentation with sounds, with instruments such as Glass Harmonica, Bass Synth, Fender Rhodes piano and Bass Guitar woven into some of the arrangements. “We have constant cycles all around us: the earth orbiting around the sun, the day passing, an hour passing and I think sometimes we forget to stop and look at where we are. The music on this album will reflect one of these cycles: from sleeping, to waking, to working, moving, reflecting and sleeping.” - Jess Gillam
Jess Gillam $13.95
Will Butler - Generations [LP] Generations [LP]

In the five years since Will Butler released his debut album, Policy, he’s toured the world both solo and as a member of Arcade Fire, released the Friday Night live album, recorded and released Arcade Fire’s international #1 album Everything Now, earned his master’s degree in public policy from Harvard, hosted a series of touring town halls on local issues (police contracts, prison reform, municipal paid sick leave, voting rights), and spent time raising his three children. 

He also found the time and inspiration to write and record a new album, Generations.

“My first record, Policy, was a book of short stories,” Butler says. “Generations is more of a novel—despairing, funny, a little bit epic… A big chunk of this record is asking: What’s my place in American history? What’s my place in America’s present? Both in general—as a participant, as we all are, in the shit that’s going down—but, also extremely particularly: me as Will Butler, rich person, white person, Mormon, Yankee, parent, musician of some sort, I guess. What do I do? What can I do? The record asks that question over and over, even if it’s not much for answers.”

While the songs on Generations contain their fair share of dread and regret, there is ultimately a lightness that shines through Butler’s music. That brightness is at its most intense when he and his solo band—Miles Francis, Sara Dobbs, and Julie and Jenny Shore—perform on stage. Their electricity is palpable throughout Generations, with the bulk of the new songs having been worked out live. Wild synth production—gnarly bass synths with live drums—and anthemic backing vocals as on first single “Surrender” are punctuated by intimate, direct moments: Butler’s voice cracking on “Fine” as he conjures his ancestors, and “Promised,” a meditation on friendship, how lives are built together, and how and why they drift apart.

Generations was recorded and produced by Butler in the basement of his home in Brooklyn. Tracking finished in March 2020, as New York closed down for the pandemic. Half the record was mixed in Montreal by longtime Arcade Fire engineer Mark Lawson, the other half by Brooklyn-based producer Shiftee (who is, incidentally, bandmate Julie Shore’s husband and Will’s brother-in-law).

Generations opens a dialogue with the world. It posits answers—and deals with those answers being refuted. Ultimately, it navigates the conversation as a way to find the truth… or at least a way forward.

Will Butler $19.98
The War and Treaty - Hearts Town [LP] Hearts Town [LP]

Critically acclaimed duo, The War And Treaty (Michael & Tanya Trotter), make a triumphant return with new album Hearts Town. The 12 tracks reflect their strongest material to date with military veteran Michael’s production/songwriting prowess front and center. Hearts Town has a dynamic sound, joyfully blending Southern soul with elements of gospel, country, rock ‘n roll, blues. Few acts today can surpass the extraordinary passion and boundless energy of this Nashville-based husband/wife team.

The War and Treaty $21.98
Carrie Underwood - My Gift My Gift

Carrie Underwood will be releasing her first ever Christmas album entitled, My Gift on Capitol Records Nashville on CD, September 25th.  The album will include Classic Christmas standards and a few originals with the track listing to be revealed at a later date. Carrie Underwood emerged from the promise of her 2005 American Idol win to become a true multi-format, multi-media superstar, spanning achievements in music, television, and film. A seven-time GRAMMY® Award winner, she has sold more than 64 million records worldwide and recorded 27 #1 singles, 14 of which she co-wrote. She released her sixth studio album in 2018, the Platinum-certified Cry Pretty, marking the first time she has co-produced her own album. 

Carrie Underwood $11.99
John Prine - Souvenirs [2LP] Souvenirs [2LP]

John Prine's 2000 release Souvenirs was a reimagining and re-recording of some of John's favorite songs throughout the years. For the first time, this record will be available via a double LP vinyl.

John Prine $29.98
Gamblers - Small World [LP] Small World [LP]

Small World reflects that odd sense of distance one develops from being in a place that's so close yet so far, so undeniably locked in the gravitational pull of the center of the universe, only with a language and lore all it's own.

Gamblers $19.98
Terri Clark - It's Christmas...Cheers! [Holly Green LP] It's Christmas...Cheers! [Holly Green LP]

Mercury Nashville welcomes back Terri Clark for a special Christmas release called….“It’s Christmas…Cheers!” The album features 10 standard Christmas tracks and features Country Superstars- Vince Gill, Ricky Skaggs, Dierks Bentley, Pam Tillis, Suzy Bogguss, and The Time Jumpers.  The CD and LP will include a Bonus Christmas Postcard in the packaging. Terri Clark released six albums on Mercury Nashville throughout the 1990’s and released twenty singles that reached the Top 40.

Terri Clark $19.98
Grateful Dead - Dicks Picks Vol. 26 4/ 26/ 69 Electric Theater Chicago, IL 4/ 27/ 69Labor Temple Minneapolis, MN [4LP] Dicks Picks Vol. 26 4/ 26/ 69 Electric Theater Chicago, IL 4/ 27/ 69Labor Temple Minneapolis, MN [4LP]

Having surveyed the 'Seventies with our first two vinyl ventures (Dick's Picks Vols. 24 & 34) into the Grateful Dead catalog, we really wanted to travel back to the band's 'Sixties beginnings for our next multi-LP magnum opus'and boy, did we 'pick' the right shows! Recorded but a few months after the shows that formed Live Dead, and featuring a spellbinding version of the 'Dark Star'/'St. Stephen'/'The Eleven' medley that was that album's centerpiece, Dick's Picks Vol. 26 stands as a worthy counterpoint to what is one of the greatest 'official' live albums in rock 'n' roll history. Add in the fact it also captures the band working on material for the forthcoming album Aoxomoxoa'including an incredible version of 'Mountains of the Moon''and serves up a real live Dead rarity with a rendition of Jimmy Reed's 'I Know It's a Sin,' and this is a Pick that's clearly worthy, one, of coming out on vinyl, and, two, of some special treatment when it does! Which is a challenge we at Real Gone Music relished; so, in addition to re-printing Bear's notes from the original CD release on the LP insert, we enlisted Bear's son Starfinder Stanley to provide some added context on behalf of the Owsley Stanley Foundation, from whence the tapes for these shows come. And speaking of those tapes, this 4-LP set is mastered for vinyl by Jeffrey Norman at Mockingbird Mastering, with lacquers cut by Jeff Powell, who got his start at Memphis' legendary Ardent Studios and has worked with everybody from Bob Dylan to Gregg Allman to Irma Thomas. Pressed on 180-gram vinyl at Furnace Record Pressing, the whisper-quiet test pressings were approved by engineer Jeffrey Norman, Dead archivist David Lemieux, and Real Gone's own Gordon Anderson, so the audio experience that awaits is truly a cut above. As for the packaging, each of the four LPs is housed inside a polyvinyl sleeve carefully nestled (with extra padding!) inside a two-piece hardshell box with insert. We are only pressing 1500 hand-numbered copies of Dick's Picks Vol. 26; if prior experience is any guide, they will not last long!

Grateful Dead $139.99

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