Buying Used CD's

This is a fairly simple process.

  1. We check the condition of your CDs. Not the cases! We can replace any broken or cracked case. We also make sure all artwork is included with the CD.
  2. We look up each item in our database to see how much we should pay for it. The factors that go into this are the condition of the CD and whether or not we currently have the CD in stock.
  3. We come up with a price using the above criteria. We offer 20% more in trade if you would like to shop in the store or take a gift card to one of our other Tunes Locations.

If you have larger CD collections, you can either drop them off with us or call for a pickup: 877-811-3311.

Questions? You can also contact us by Email.

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Get top dollar for your merchandise CASH or TRADE at Tunes! If you have too much stuff, call us toll free at 877-811-3311 for a pickup.

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