New Release Round-Up 03-15-19

New Releases 15 March 2019

Karen O & Danger Mouse - Lux Prima -  BMG
Icons Karen O and Danger Mouse (a.k.a. Brian Burton) release their first album as a duo, “Lux Prima”. “After making music for the past twenty years and embarking on making this record with Brian I knew a couple things: one was that the spirit of collaboration between us was going to be a pure one, and two was that the more I live the less is clear to me,” said O. “When you create from a blurry place you can go places further than you’ve ever been. I think we both were excited to go far out.”

Stephen Malkmus - Groove Denied - Matador Records
Following hot on the heels of 2018’s Sparkle Hard comes Groove Denied, the rejected album Stephen Malkmus has been telling everyone about. Groove Denied was written in Berlin and Oregon between Malkmus’ soundtrack to the Netflix series Flaked and Sparkle Hard. It finds Stephen in a playful, exploratory mode – recorded by himself in Oregon; Malkmus plays bass, organ, drum machines, a Roland 2080 and a Memorymoog alongside other instruments interspersed with loops and vocal effects. His first album as a solo artist since 2001, Groove Denied is a fine companion to Sparkle Hard, echoing the experimentation (Auto-Tune, genre-dabbling) found there.

Lauren Jenkins - No Saint

Lauren Jenkins - No SaintLauren Jenkins - No SaintLauren Jenkins - No Saint - Big Machine Records
Named one of The New York Times’ Artists To Watch in 2019 and Billboard’s Hot Country Artists to Watch, Lauren Jenkins mesmerizes crowds with her sultry vocals and authentic songwriting. She blends her traditional Country roots with Americana influences to seamlessly transition between cheerful and raw emotions. The Texas native showcases her variety of musical influences, including the southern charm of Charleston, artistic vibe of New York City and the eclectic nature of Music City. 

 Video Available


Jerry Garcia - Electric On The Eel

Jerry Garcia - Electric On The EelJerry Garcia - Electric On The EelJerry Garcia - Electric On The Eel - ATO Records
On August 29, 1987 Grateful Dead frontman Jerry Garcia led both the Jerry Garcia Band and the Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band for performances at French’s Camp On The Eel River in Piercy, California. Garcia would bring the JGB back to the scenic venue on June 10, 1989 and on August 10, 1991 - now get ready for the spectacular new re-issue Electric On The Eel 6CD Set showcasing the Jerry Garcia Band’s electric sets from 8/29/1987, 6/10/1989, and 8/10/1991. It comes with a Gift with Purchase Limited Edition bonus disc (a separate slipcase jacket and limited to 2000 units). The 6CD Set features: Jerry Garcia, John Kahn, Melvin Seals, David Kemper Jaclyn LaBranch, and Gloria Jones. 

 Video Available


Finn Andrews - One Piece At A Time

Finn Andrews - One Piece At A TimeFinn Andrews - One Piece At A TimeFinn Andrews - One Piece At A Time - Nettwerk Records
British/New Zealand musician, and lead singer and songwriter of The Veils, Finn Andrews reveals his most personal songwriting to date with the release of his first solo material. The resulting songs are some of the most profound and intimate pieces of work Andrews’ has done. Recorded at The Lab in Auckland, and co-produced by Tom Healy (Tiny Ruins), not only do the songs’ subject matter expose more of his life than before, Andrews also admits that their arrangements allowed for less to hide behind, showcasing his voice in a different way.  

 Video Available


The Faint - Egowerk - Saddle Creek
The Faint's long-awaited new album, Egowerk, is released this week. Made up of vocalist Todd Fink, drummer Clark Baechle, keyboardist Graham Ulicny, and guitarist and bassist Michael “Dapose” Dappen, the group that ignited an electro-pop-punk movement is back with an 11-track deep-dive into themes on modern society, the internet, and ego - specifically social media and its dark effects. Opener “Child Asleep” echoes well-loved Faint singles from the Danse Macabre days, with rapidfire techno beats that sear so hot, your forehead will break into a sweat regardless of proximity to a dance floor. And though the synths should sound familiar to any Faint follower, the song’s monotone message is at once classic and current: “If I was wise, I would see I’m a child still asleep.” Elaborating further, Todd says, “It would be amazing if I could wake up from the world that I think I'm awake in already. If there’s a better way of understanding life, I'd love to be privy to it. You see the wisdom of all Gurus in the East, and you know they're not bothered by this or that. They've attained something, and the rest of us are just kind of banging into stuff, trying to figure out what to do with our lives.”




Todd Snider - Cash Cabin Sessions, Vol. 3
Snarky Puppy - Immigrance
SONTALK - Stay Wild
Gary Hoey - Neon Highway Blues
Drive-By - Back on Da Block
Steve Perry - Traces [Deluxe 2LP]
Venom Prison - Samsara
Blaqk Audio - Only Things We Love
Fallujah - Undying Light
Mary Poppins Returns: The Songs
Cinematic Orchestra - To Believe
The Comet Is Coming - Trust In The Lifeforce Of The Deep Mystery
Vanish - Familiar Faces

& More .....

Rasputin's Stash - Make Up Your Mind / You Are My Everything
Whitesnake - Trouble Is Your Middle Name
Kevin Garrett - Running From



La Dispute - Panorama

La Dispute - PanoramaLa Dispute - PanoramaLa Dispute - Panorama - Epitaph
La Dispute is five close friends from the Upper Midwest with a firm passion for the concept of music and art as a medium for making new friends. As a result, La Dispute makes (or strives to make) music that is both artistically, technically, and emotionally engaging in hopes of establishing legitimate connections with any and all interested people, while encouraging dialogue between those people and themselves about things in life that truly matter and that truly last. La Dispute also carries a firm passion for the relevance of a live show, both for the bands involved and for the people in attendance, and will go to the grave believing that the environment created when strangers come together despite their differences to celebrate one important thing is invaluable and should not under any circumstances be taken for granted.

Video Available


Megadeath - Warheads On Foreheads

Megadeath - Warheads On ForeheadsMegadeath - Warheads On ForeheadsMegadeath - Warheads On Foreheads - Capitol
2018 marked the 35th anniversary for Megadeath, one of the most influential powerhouses in thrash metal.  All year long the band celebrated with various events, culminating in Warheads On Foreheads - with Dave Mustaine personally A&R’ing a new anthology honoring his legacy - 35 tracks for 35 years, on 3CD, Digital and 4LP. For the first time, a Megadeth anthology includes tracks from The System Has Failed, United Abominations, Endgame, Th1rt3en, Super Collider and the Grammy award winning Dystopia. “Warheads on foreheads” is a military term expressed when bombing missions are underway. 

 Video Available


Nilufer Yanya - Miss Universe

Nilufer Yanya - Miss UniverseNilufer Yanya - Miss UniverseNilufer Yanya - Miss Universe - ATO Records
Debut album from ATO's priority developing artist, Nilufer Yanya. Taking her inspiration from iconic songwriters such as Nina Simone and Jeff Buckley as well as modern influences Connan Mockasin and The Strokes, Nilüfer's music incorporates the city’s urban edge with beautiful wandering guitar lines, downtrodden soulful and jazz flickered melodies, on top of minimalist and atmospheric beats. Miss Universe releases 3/22 via ATO Records.

 Video Available


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