Wood/Water [Clear LP]


Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 10/05/2018
UPC: 045778661794

Wood/Water [Clear LP]
Artist: The Promise Ring
Format: Vinyl
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1. Size Of Your Life
2. Stop Playing Guitar
3. Suffer Never
4. Become One Anything One Time
5. Wake Up April
6. Get On The Floor
7. Half Year Sun
8. My Life Is At Home
9. Letters To The Far Reaches
10. Bread & Coffee
11. Say Goodbye Good
12. Feed The Night

More Info:

Wood/Water (2002) is the fifth and final album by The Promise Ring, and their first for Anti- Records. Long-time fans may have been surprised with Wood/Water, as itís sound was a depar-ture from the bandís previous releases. The album had a drastic change of pace with a more introspective tone and shimmering atmospheric songs. Hailing from Milwaukee, The Promise Ring werenít just emblematic of Ď90s Midwestern emo: they were one of the most celebrated bands in the history of the genre. Under the leadership of frontman Davey Von Bohlen of Capín Jazz, their sound incorporated elements of power pop that would become more popular in later years. They broke up in 2002 and after nearly a decade of inactivity The Promise Ring officially reunited in February 2012.

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