Comatose Comes Alive
Artist: Skillet
Format: Digital


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''Comatose Comes Alive'' DVD/CD is the second live album and second live DVD by the Christian rock band Skillet, which peaked at #164 on the Billboard 200. It is the band's first combination CD/DVD of live recording, as their first official live album was 2000's ''Ardent Worship'', a worship album recorded live. The band's first live DVD was the Alien Youth DVD, which featured an acoustic performance. ''Comatose Comes Alive'' was recorded on May 9, 2008, in Chattanooga, Tennessee and was released on October 21, 2008. The album is a CD of the concert's audio and a DVD capturing the live show. However, John Cooper's speech after "Savior" is cut from the CD. - Wikipedia

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