They're All Gonna Laugh At You
Artist: Adam Sandler
Format: Vinyl
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Adam Sandler's first album, certified 2xPlatinum but never before released on vinyl.

Side A Assistant Principal Big Day, The Buffoon And the Dean Of Admissions, Buddy, The Longest Pee, Food Innuendo Guy, The Beating…High School Janitor, Right Field Side B The Buffoon and the Valedictorian, Mr. Spindel Phone Call, The Thanksgiving song, The Beating Of The High School Bus Driver, Oh Mom, Fatty McGee Side C At A Medium Pace, The Beating Of A Hight School Science Teacher, The Cheerleader, I'm So Wasted Side D Lunchlady Land, The Beating Of A High School Spanish Teacher, Toll Booth Willie, Teenage Love On The Phone, My Little Chicken

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