Lykaia Revisited
Artist: Soen
Format: CD
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SOEN TO RELEASE “LYKAIA REVISITED” Swedish quintet adds live tracks and updated artwork to their critically-acclaimed 2017 album Lykaia. Lykaia – Soen’s third album, will be revisited this Autumn with a bonus-adorned release titled Lykaia Revisited. Featuring live tracks from the 2017 European tour, and updated artwork by Paul Tippett, this edition of Lykaia is enriched by everything Soen experienced while performing songs from the album on the road. “The tour was great, and when you have the chance to play songs live night after night, they take on another perspective,” says Martin Lopez, “and on reflection, we all felt that Lykaia could greatly benefit from being re-mastered, that there were improvements which could be made that would improve the album and also seal the Lykaia era perfectly” Celebrating the tour’s success, fans purchasing physical product will enjoy “Sectarian” from the RCA Club in Lisbon and “Lucidity” from the Largo Venue in Rome. Those opting for the digital format will also enjoy “Jinn” from the RCA Club in Lisbon. “All the songs sounded as they were meant to, but these three felt like the centrepieces of the show, there was something special about them,” explains Lopez, “and one very important thing to note, we have done nothing to these live tracks. They are exactly as they were performed – if you were there, you will hear exactly what was played, and if you weren’t, know that not one thing has been added.” Paul Tippett’s updated artwork also comes as a result of allowing a great concept to produce a further angle. “Again, we just felt we could improve and realize another version of the art,” says Lopez, “and the great thing about this version is that it has a very “iconic-logo” feel, taking the main element of the first sleeve and giving it a more emblematic perspective and serving as a great visual way to close the Lykaia chapter of Soen.” Lykaia Revisited was mastered by Gentry Studer at Epic Mastering, and is expected to hit the streets worldwide on September 14th

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