The Almighty [Limited Edition Colored 2LP]


Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 03/29/2019
UPC: 192641063893

The Almighty [Limited Edition Colored 2LP]
Artist: Alla Xul Elu
Format: Vinyl
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1. Almighty
2. The Parish
3. Stained Glass
4. Axe Is Family
5. Belial
6. Camp Xul
7. Down For Life
8. Dead
9. Decomposing
10. Believe
11. Blasphemous
12. Skin
13. Coming Soon
14. Forever Face
15. Pipebomb
16. Lost Cause
17. Venomous
18. The Forgotten
19. Into The Fire
20. Going To Hell

More Info:

Newly signed masked independent powerhouses Alla Xul Elu shocked the underground with the success of their release The Almighty on CD and digital platforms. Majik Ninja Entertainment has decided to release this album to the world in the form of a double LP. There are three color variants that will be shipped randomly: Transparent (red with yellow,) Side A/Side B Effect (red/yellow,) and another Side A/Side B Effect (red/opaque black). This title is limited to 500 units.

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