To Let A Good Thing Die


Format: CD
Rel. Date: 06/19/2020
UPC: 5056167121244

To Let A Good Thing Die
Artist: Bruno Major
Format: CD
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Bruno Major can, and does, take inspiration from everything and everyone. But mostly, fundamentally, he takes it from within. A guitarist from the age of seven, a songwriter from the moment he landed in London from Northampton, a singer when he realised no one sung his songs better than he did, Major is a musician, a storyteller, a romantic to his core.†
ĎTo Let A Good Thing Dieí is a follow up to 2017ís concept album ĎA Song For Every Mooní which have streamed over 400 million times. The 10-track collection is a beautifully crafted Tapestry of stories interwoven with timeless narratives of human relationships, love and heartbreak, musings on human existence and our relationship with the universe around us. With this in mind, Bruno Major surrounds his craft with contemporary perceptiveness both sonically and lyrically, which ground the record in the present - classic tales for a modern world.†
ďUltimately, all I care about is this album being 50 minutes of music which people can hear from start to finish and feel that itís honest and warm, and that itís true to its aims and ambition. Itís a personal catharsis.Ē - Bruno Major

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