Chromatica [Milky Clear LP]
Artist: Lady Gaga
Format: Vinyl
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Available Formats and Editions


1. Chromatica I
2. Alice
3. Stupid Love
4. Rain on Me (With Ariana Grande)
5. Free Woman
6. Fun Tonight
7. Chromatica II
8. 911
9. Plastic Doll
10. Sour Candy (With Blackpink)
11. Enigma
12. Replay
13. Chromatica III
14. Sine from Above (With Elton John)
15. 1000 Doves
16. Babylon

More Info:

Chromatica is the highly anticipated 6th studio album by Lady Gaga. Featuring the single “Stupid Love”. LP pressed on milky clear-colored vinyl. Available May 29th.


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