1. Memorabilia
2. Tainted Love
3. Where Did Our Love Go?
4. Bedsitter
5. Say Hello, Wave Goodbye
6. Sex Dwarf
7. Torch
8. Insecure Me
9. What!
10. Where The Heart Is
11. Numbers
12. Barriers
13. Loving You, Hating Me
14. Soul Inside
15. Down In The Subway
16. Divided Soul
17. Monoculture
18. The Night
19. Northern Lights
20. Guilty (Cos I Say You Are)

More Info:

In the process of sourcing archive material for the box set, Dave shared with Marc two new pieces of music, inspiring him to begin working on lyrics for them. Due to long lead manufacturing times for box sets, neither ‘Northern Lights’ (Soft Cell's first single since 2002) nor its companion ‘Guilty (Cos I Say You Are)’ was ready in time to make the tracklisting. Instead, however, both form part of the 1CD collection ‘The Singles – Keychains & Snowstorms’ alongside all the classics.