Harder Stronger
Artist: DJ Przm Presents...Vattos Clan
Format: CD
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Available Formats and Editions


1. Hip Hop Local (Feat. Eclypse of Spitball, KK Black)
2. Reference (Feat. Hafrican of Everybody Else's Ent., KK Black, DJ Rock JS, MC Risas)
3. Full Melody (Feat. MC Risas)
4. Verbal Maniacs (Feat. KK Black, DJ Rock JS, MC Risas)
5. Potent Energy (Feat. KK Black)
6. Quality (Feat. Eclypse of Spitball)
7. Letters With Steel Tip (Feat. Coolzey)
8. The House Invites
9. Luxury In Details

More Info:

As Hip Hop continues to evolve, I give you Vattos Clan. Hailing from Bogota, Columbia, South America. Hip Hop is a global language and has created hotbeds of underground artists. Vattos Clan raw, boom-bap style is molded by the roots of cutting edge Hip-Hop of the late 90s and 2000s. Hardcore beats, sharp on-point lyrics and freestyles blended with world-class DJ skills are the foundation of this classic Hip Hop album that resonates with any Hip Hop fan! Vattos Clan 'Harder Stronger' album was birthed by the release of DJ Przm's ' LLABTIPS 3' (Lab Tips 3). Vattos Clan has been a follower of Dj Przm's group Spitball, solo projects and his production work on Def Jux Records. Members of Vattos Clan contacted the owner of Philly Phill Entertainment via social media, to inquire about Przm beats they could write to with hopes to produce an album. The label entrusted Vattos Clan to remix and write to beats produced by Przm. Vattos Clan put their raw Bogota style with a Spanish twist that produced a perfect blend of blasting beats, precise Dj scratches and hardcore lyrics that is the perfect formula for a Hip Hop classic. The creative team of Dj Philly Phill, Tobotius aka Casual T and the Nati Kid of the Animal Crackers DCM champion Dj Crew mixed and crafted a neck break, hard-hitting timeless Rap album that speaks the universal language of Hip Hop. Feature artist Hafrican of Everybody Else's Entertainment, Coolzey of Public School Records and Eclypse The Preternatural of Spitball and Philly Phill Entertainment rounds out the roster of unique vocal talent. Their rap talent along with Vattos Clan fuse the cultures together to a perfect blend of Spanish and English for a refreshing Hip Hop listening experience. As rap continues to grow, pure hip-Hop will always have a worldwide audience. Vattos Clan 'Harder Stronger' is a classic Hip Hop album Straight Outta Bogota, Columbia worldwide!!

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