One Day
Artist: Atlantaeum Flood
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AtlantŠum Flood is a unique instrumental five-piece collective featuring Marty Willson-Piper (exThe Church and All About Eve). Their debut album One Day is both epic and eclectic, fusing world music influences with elements of folk and progressive rock. Ranging from subtle ethereal moments with dreamy 12-string guitars to dynamic, powerful intensity with soaring lead lines against a percussive backdrop, the eight track release is a beautifully cohesive and considered cinematic soundscape. AtlantŠum Flood is Steve & Lynne Knott, Marty & Olivia Willson-Piper and Dare Mason. The original compositions on One Day were written by multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Steve Knott. With a background in the Merseyside music scene of the late 1970s - early 1980s, Steve was a founding member of Wirral-based synth pioneers, The Games. He has been a part of several innovative projects since. Lynne Knott plays cello. She has collaborated on a range of art, music and poetry projects. In addition to her contributions to AtlantŠum Flood, she has had radio play with her track, Speke Road Gardens, co-written with Yvonne Lyon and featured by Sir Bob Harris on BBC Radio 2 and by Roddy Hart on BBC Radio Scotland. Marty Willson-Piper is widely celebrated guitarist, vocalist and songwriter with a host of individual and collaborative credits spanning decades. He was a founding member of The Church, releasing over 20 albums with them and also a member of All About Eve, releasing two studio albums and three live albums. Marty formed the Noctorum project with Dare Mason in 2002. The current Noctorum album The Afterlife was released through Schoolkids Records in 2019. Marty has released six solo albums, is a member of Anekdoten and his current project MOAT will release a new album in 2020. Marty brings an instinctive natural talent and signature guitar style to the sound of AtlantŠum Flood. Olivia Willson-Piper is a violinist, vocalist, poet and artist. She started playing violin as a nine yearold and joined an orchestra at eleven. Playing concerts throughout Europe, she became leader of the orchestra at 18 and subsequently focused on jazz violin. Her 'cellolin' sound comes from fitting a violin with octave strings, transforming the instrument and helping to create a distinctive and rich sonic tapestry. Olivia has also compŔred Europe's largest Progressive Rock festival, the Night Of The Prog at Loreley, since July 2015. As a house engineer at the world famous Townhouse Studios in London, Dare Mason worked with Prince, Sir Paul McCartney, Boy George, Tina Turner and many others. Since becoming a freelance producer/engineer in 1991, he has produced albums for The Grid, The Church, Placebo and AC Acoustics, working in London, New York, Sydney and Stockholm, before settling in Cornwall and setting up the VIP Lounge in 2001. Dare is a singer-songwriter, composer and multi-instrumentalist.

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