If I Should Fall to the Field
Artist: Von Steve Till
Format: CD
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Neurosis' Steve Von Till continues to mine the rich vein he laid claimto on As the Crow Flies with If I Should Fall to the Field, hissecond solo release. This time around, he's delved even deeper into therealm of pre-phonograph era-folk music and hit paydirt, returning with a hauntingamalgamation of eight original hardscrabble ballads, a poignant cover of NeilYoung's "Running Dry," and a 1961 recording of a poem recitedby his grandfather. Von Till is hardly alone in these parts. Nick Cave has beenworking a similar lode for years, and Michael Gira staked his claim with thefirst Angels of Light album. But Von Till's approach is far lessclumsy than Cave's, and he lacks Gira's oft-gratuitous wicked streak.Plus, his songs of thankless toil, death, and despair resonate with a senseof urgency that makes his erstwhile peers seem downright decorative.