Dwellers on the Threshold


Format: CD
Label: Mute
Catalog: 9188
Rel. Date: 09/03/2002
UPC: 724596918821

Dwellers on the Threshold
Artist: Tarwater
Format: CD
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In the grey and indeterminate field where indie rock and electronica intersect,groups like Tarwater pitch their tents, strum their guitars and tweak theirkeyboards, lulling all the seasick sailors to sleep with their lazy squeaksand squorks. Now some may argue that the purpose of both types of rock musicwas to revitalize their listeners and fill them with energy and insanity. Well,this only changes when said group is in the business of making "art"music. And since Tarwater member Ronald Lippock has a brother in equally boringGerman electronica outfit To Rococo Rot, this sort of thing probably comes asan inherited trait. So even if you approached Dwellers on the Thresholdwith the sort of patience one must summon up to witness historically tediousworks of art like say, Andy Warhol's "Empire," one may not stillunderstand the importance of it. And there's no real need to feel the leastbit sorry for it.

Do try to laugh, however, at the very silly sci-fi storyline that Lippock andpartner Bernd Jestram have thrown into these tracks from time to time. Thatthey're delivered with a straight face makes them even more amusing. Onecan argue, also, for this album's distinctively somnambulistic air, whichat times resembles Gary Numan on downers. But who needs to credit an album forhow uniquely boring it is? I suppose one can call it a new threshold, but whowants to?
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