The Explorers Club
Artist: The Explorers Club
Format: CD
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1. Ruby
2. One Drop Of Rain
3. Love So Fine
4. Mystery
5. Don’t Cry
6. It’s Me
7. Dawn
8. Dream World
9. Say You Will
10. Somewhere Else
11. Dreamin’
12. Look To The Horizon

More Info:

The fourth album by Nashville-based Sunshine Pop band. This twelve-song-set is band’s boldest work to date, breaking sonic barriers while maintaining lush melodies and artistic influences. Key tracks include: “Ruby,” “Look To The Horizon,” “One Drop Of Rain,” “Somewhere Else”. Three previous albums: “Freedom Wind” (2008), “Grand Hotel” (2012) and “Together” (2016). Early critical acclaim led to placements in film, television and advertising, as well as favorable press in both print and online. Musically adjacent to successful pop artists from the 1960s, 70s like The Beach Boys, Turtles, Association, Grass Roots. Brainchild of Charleston, SC native Jason Brewer, the only constant “member” of The Explorers Club over the band’s lifespan. Brewer re-unites with Freedom Wind and Grand Hotel producer, Matt Goldman (Copeland, Underoath, Smalltown Poets, etc). New contributors to this incarnation of The Explorers Club include Shane Tutmarc (Dolour, Sean Nelson) and Austin, TX based songwriter, Will Courtney. Songwriting partnership

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