Dear 23: Remastered
Artist: The Posies
Format: CD
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1. My Big Mouth
2. Any Other Way
3. Golden Blunders
4. You Avoid Parties
5. Apology
6. Help Yourself
7. Suddenly Mary
8. Everyone Moves Away
9. Mrs. Green
10. Flood Of Sunshine
11. My Big Mouth (Demo)
12. Golden Blunders (Demo)
13. Any Other Way (Demo)
14. Suddenly Mary (Demo)
15. Help Yourself (Demo)
16. Mrs. Green (Demo)
17. Flood Of Sunshine (Genetic Defects/Ken Edit)


1. Apology (Jon Demo)
2. Golden Blunders (Jon Demo)
3. What Am I Supposed To Do? (Demo)
4. I Don't Want To Talk To You (Jon Demo)
5. Apology (Ken Demo)
6. Thinking Outloud (Jon Demo)
7. Something That You've Never Done (Jon Demo)
8. Magnifying Mirror (Ken Demo)
9. Diary Of An Insecure Girl (Ken Demo)
10. Now They Want Your Head (Jon Demo)
11. Boy In The Plastic Bubble (Jon Demo)
12. Will You Ever Ease Your Mind? (Jon Demo)
13. The Only Ones (Demo)
14. This One's Taken (Demo)
15. Saying Sorry To Myself (Demo)
16. King Midas In Reverse (John Leckie Mix)
17. Feel
18. Spite & Malice
19. I Am The Cosmos

More Info:

• The major-label debut from alternative/power popsters. • Remastered from original tapes. • 2-CD expanded with 27 bonus tracks. We began our career exactly 30 years prior by releasing a home-recorded cassette called Failure, which to our complete surprise became an instant favorite around the Northwest, earning us critical accolades, radio airplay, and major label interest all in a very short time. We were lucky to find ourselves living just a few doors down the road in Seattle from Arthur “Rick” Roberts and Mike Musburger, who agreed to join our band on bass and drums, respectively. Signed to Geffen Records, we recorded our second album Dear 23, and toured the U.S., including support tours for both Redd Kross and The Replacements. These three albums on Geffen remain beloved by our fans; our most popular, most often cited, most requested works. However, over the years, the CDs have been in and out of print, there have been inconsistent presences on streaming, the LPs either long out of print or not issued at all depending on the territory. Dear 23 on CD came out in the early days of the format, and the older CDs are not exactly true to the analog masters the albums were made on. Good news: all that’s about to change. Dear 23 will be re-issued by Omnivore Recordings (who have, among many releases new and old, reissued our first album Failure plus releases by Big Star, Game Theory, etc). Each album will be released as a double CD set: one CD containing the original album, remastered from the original analog tapes, plus enough bonus material to fill out the rest of the CD; and one full CD of more bonus material. Don’t expect just a repackaging of material already available on our 2000 boxed set of outtakes—nearly all of the bonus tracks on these new reissues have never been heard! Dear 23 will now stretch across two LPs and will be mastered at 45 RPM. We made the decision to stick to just the original albums for the vinyl release, and give it room to breathe across two glorious slabs of wax. So if bonus tracks are your thing, the 2-CD set will have you covered. Catch The Posies on their 30th Anniversary tour in 2018 too!

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