Presents Pre-Med [3CD]
Artist: Hawkestrel
Format: CD
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1. Detox Train
2. Up All Night
3. No Smoking
4. Invisible Spies
5. Man Eggs from Mars
6. Higher
7. Inner Doors
8. What's Your Name
9. Once Upon a Line
10. Medication Time


1. Cerebral Escape
2. Wallpaper Warriors
3. The Crowning of the Acid King
4. 5HTP
5. Death of a Star
6. The Truth About Us
7. The Demented Man
8. Has the Whole World Gone Insane
9. Debouch


1. Bang Goes the Theory
2. Cern
3. The God Particle
4. The Robonaut Project
5. Fear Is Temporary
6. Einstein's Day Off
7. Biosphere
8. The Stargazer's Apprentice
9. Energise
10. Fragile Ship
11. The Event Horizon

More Info:

Three CDs. Packaged in a deluxe 8-panel digipak with ultra cool retro sci-fi artwork plus a full booklet with liner notes and photos. Former Hawkwind bassist Alan Davey proudly presents a very special triple album collection of recordings by his prog rock side project, Pre-Med, led by vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Danny Faulkner! Pre-Med's debut album drew rave reviews from critics who called it "a killer album jam-packed with lush, swirling synths, hypnotic instrumentals, and classic Hawkwind ballads!"

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