Sleeping Lions
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Otherwise have announced the release of their third, full-length album, Sleeping Lions, set for a Sept. 22 release. The band has been on tour this summer, playing some of the new tracks from the album to live audiences prior to the release.

The group believes that the title captures their essence in a way that touts who they are as artists, and how they have evolved. “We named the album Sleeping Lions because that’s what we feel like — we’ve been hibernating in our neon desert cave, licking our wounds and regaining our strength for the hunt,” says Otherwise frontman Adrian Patrick. “Now we’re back on the prowl again, and our eyes are wide open. The album title absolutely references a bigger awareness of who we are and what we’re capable of. The last thing you ever want to do is wake sleeping lions.”

The 12-track offering runs an emotional gamut that parallel real life struggles. Among the suggested highlights in the press materials include the blistering “Angry Heart,” the more heartfelt “Blame,” the gut punch of “Bloodline Lullaby,” the chaos of the relationship-based “Monster” and the symphonically emotional “Nothing to Me.” 

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